World-class Startups. Swiss made.

If it was possible for a Swiss team to win the America’s Cup in sailing, then it must be possible to build world-class startups in Switzerland.

venturelab started with this mission in 2004. Ever since we have reviewed tens of thousands of business ideas and have trained thousands of startups. Last year 69 venturelab alumni made it to the TOP 100 Swiss startups.

Today our venture leaders like Abionic, BioVersys, Covagen, Climeworks, Doodle, GetYourGuide, HouseTrip, L.E.S.S., QualySense, Poken or InSphero are truly building world-class startups. Swiss Made. Supported by venturelab.

Build a world-class startup
Successful founders BACKING startup talents.

Get top founders investing in your startup

After having sold their companies for millions, our successful founders are eager to support startup talents from the next generation and bring in a wealth of expertise and industry relations.

We connect you with top founders to be mentors, potential board members or investors. venturelab is about true commitment from founders for founders, giving feedback, advice as well as access to high level networks to customers and capital.

On top a growing number of very successful founders have committed some millions to the Founders Cash Pot. It’s their own money they plan to invest in new ventures and startup talents.

Get top founders investing in you
Powerful INDUSTRY PARTNER for your roll out.

Valuable support from industry leaders

Large corporates have a lot of valuable resources, financial power and market access at hand. And they are looking for startups to innovate.

venturelab is partnering with a growing number of leading industry partners, who want to connect with the best startup talents early on. For your startup this means: Opportunities for customer feedback and market validation.

Our industry partners also invest in innovative startups or fully acquire them in a later stage. venturelab puts you on the radar of leading industry experts and initiates valuable business relationships.

Get connected with industry leaders

Speed and great execution are essential for world-class startups.

venturelab strives to accelerate fully committed startup talents in their entrepreneurial and business development. We look for dedicated and hardworking entrepreneurs ready to deliver on quality and efficiency.

Get access to the best networks and the required body of knowledge and skills. venturelab will get you ready for funding and support by those who understand your challenges: Successful founders and industry experts from biotech to software.

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