About us

venturelab 2.0 - Acceleration for the best startup talents

venturelab focuses as a private initiative on the best startup talents with the ambition and the potential to grow internationally. Together with successful founders, key academic and industry partners we set up an accelerator to support the next startup generation. World-class startups. Swiss made.

The objective of venturelab is to bring selected startup talents through a structured stress test of their entrepreneurial and business readiness, enhancing their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, and connect them to the community of high value adding founders, mentors and industry experts.

venturelab is supported by leading industry partners and is free of charge for the participants.

venturelab – the background

venturelab started 2004 as a national startup training program, and has since then conducted 202 entrepreneurship events with more than 23‘000 participants from Swiss universities and organized 3‘225 workshop modules to train innovative startup projects.

A great number of successful startups such as Abionic, BioVersys, Covagen, Climeworks, Doodle, GetYourGuide, HouseTrip, L.E.S.S., QualySense, Poken or InSphero have emerged from these courses. Many have expanded internationally, raised several hundred million Swiss francs from investors and created thousands of new jobs. Last year 69 venturelab alumni made it to the TOP 100 Swiss startups.

Together with several partners we launched the venture leaders program known as the “Swiss National Startup Team”. In this roadshow and business development program we bring the best Swiss startups to Shanghai, Boston, New York, Beijing and Silicon Valley.

IFJ – 25 years of startup support. And counting...

venturelab is part of the IFJ Institute for Young Entrepreneurs, a company founded in 1989 now employing 25 startup enthusiasts in St Gallen, Lausanne and Zurich. IFJ has established itself as a leader and reference in the Swiss startup scene. The company offers an incorporation service, business plan software, accounting solutions, networking events and workshops.

IFJ is also mandated to run Venture Kick, an initiative of the Venture Kick Foundation, that helps potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 130.000 in pre-seed capital. More than CHF 16m invested, over 400 startup projects financed, more than CHF 896 million in financing volume and 3.434 jobs created - this is Venture Kick's track record since the private initiative was launched in the fall of 2007.


Visit us at the following locations

German-speaking Switzerland

venturelab c/o IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen startup space Wiesenstrasse 5 8952 Zürich-Schlieren Tel: + 41 (0)71 242 98 88 Mail: info@venturelab.ch

Eastern Switzerland

venturelab c/o IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen Kesslerstrasse 9 9000 St.Gallen Tel: + 41 (0)71 242 98 88 Mail: info@venturelab.ch

French-speaking Switzerland

venturelab c/o IFJ - Startup Support EPFL Innovation Park Bâtiment C 1015 Lausanne Tel: +41 (0)21 533 09 80 Mail: office@venturelab.ch Company- and MWST-number: CHE-109.373.502