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“If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery).

If you have a bold vision about how your innovation will have a big impact in the future, you will be able to attract world-class talent and top investors. And if you have the skills to pitch your ideas with passion and conviction, people will start following your mission.

Hand in your application, if you have a disruptive and scalable business idea and the ambition to grow a great business. Based on a positive assessment of your application, you will be invited to participate in our Startup Essentials – Acceleration Workshops.

Alternatively we will invite you to one of our monthly Startup Casting sessions, where you will be pitching your startup project. Only once we are convinced by the potential of your business idea and impressed by your personality, passion and leadership skills, you will receive the status of a venturelab startup talent.

Being accepted as a venturelab startup talent is just the starting point, to prove your execution skills and demonstrate accelerated progress in business development. venturelab will support you by offering you access to an incredible network of industry leaders, successful founders and investors. You will get personal introductions to top profiles and you will be invited to Startup Challenge Workshops with our industry partners and exclusive Founders Secrets events.

Startup Talents who have done their homework and are ready for investors, might benefit from the Founders Cash Pot. Several millions are already committed by a growing number of successful founders, ready to invest in the next generation of startup talents.

Apply now, if you are a dedicated and hardworking startup talent from life science, high tech or digital technology ready to deliver on quality and efficiency to grow a great business.

Successful founders:

  • "venturelab has given us international exposure at the very beginning. We have now raised over 60M and have more than 200 employees working in 3 countries."
    Arnaud Bertrand Founder, Housetrip
  • "I was the team captain of an international venturelab program and Noonee got Bloomberg TV coverage."
    Keith Gunura Founder & CEO, Noonee
  • "venturelab programs paved the way for our entry in the Swiss entrepreneurial ecosystem. We have now closed a partnership with AutoScout24."
    Sylvain Bertolus Founder & CEO, CashSentinel

Program management

Only the best qualify for venturelab. Are you one of them?